Friday, 19 August 2011

Short Holiday

On 17th August, I and my friends take a short holiday to celebrate my friend’s Birthday. We’re having fun that day and staying one night at Hotel.

Happy Birthday to Dear Dyan!! Thank you to her lovely sayang for threat us and we also make a surprise party for her.

The same day too, I would like to say Happy 1st year and 7th Month Anniversary to myself and my lover. I love you so much!!

Monday, 15 August 2011

SummerSlam 2011 K2 vs BP

Kelly Kelly is out with Eve Torres, followed by Beth Phoenix with Natalaya
Kelly Kelly versus Beth Phoenix
Kelly Kelly starts off with the upper hand and she wont stop the attack, Beth irish whips her to the corner, she performs a modified Figure Four Neck Lock, then pushes her to the outside, she gets on the top rope and cross body’s Beth on the outside. She brings her back in the ring and trys to go for a roll up, but Beth reverses and takes Kelly down, she lives Kelly Kelly up above her head and chucks her on the rope. She goes for the pin but gets a two count. Beth starts taunting Kelly Kelly by shoving Kelly’s head into Beth’s butt, who then goes for a pin but gets a two count. Beth gets a chin lock on Kelly but Kelly starts fighting out of it. She throws punches to Beth but Beth reverses. Beth gets Kelly in a submission working on her back, Kelly Kelly isnt giving up as she begins to fight out, and then hits a neckbreaker on Beth. Kelly theows punches but Beth picks her up and slams her on the turnbuckle, tieing her legs around the post and slams Kelly again into the turnbuckle. Kelly gets a roll up but gets a two count, Beth hits a body slam for a two count. Beth is starting to get frustrated. She brings Kelly to the ropes and begins punching her, she goes for a kick but Kelly moves out the way, and Kelly pulls Beth’s head on the ropes, then slams her head into the matt. She begins kicking Kelly taking it to Beth, she crawls to the other corner, and goes for the Kelly Killer but Beth grabs her and picks her up, and goes for a Glam Slam but Kelly Kelly rolls her up for the 1,2 3!
Winner: Kelly Kelly
Kelly Kelly screams as she gets out the ring to celebrate with Eve, she runs to get her title and celebrates as Beth is shocked inside the ring.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Dominant Divas vs Cutie Princess

On SMACKDOWN 12 August 2011,

Beth Phoenix and Natalya defeat AJ & Kaitlyn. Latest on SD & RAW, BOTH divas attack their former partner, and Natalya ally herself with Beth, who she caall Sister.

After Beth defeat Eve this week of RAW, she say something, her way to backstage, Kelly Kelly attack Beth on the behind and go to Eve who always savve K2 before.

Even this match is short but AJ & Kaitlyn not afraid to face two dominant Divas. After they win this match, Beth throw AJ while Natalya give sharpshooter to the Kaitlyn.

Alicia Fox vs Tamina

On 11st August 2011 episode of Superstar, Alicia Fox defeat Tamina in a single match. Even Tamina control the ring with her powerful movement but she failed to defeat Alicia. Tamina trying to give a Samoan Drop but Alicia punch her and give Scissor Kick to Tamina, and she pick-up another victory again.

Is it true Alicia turned face? Or it’s just a match to warm up both divas? Can we call Alicia fox as Dominant Divas as Beth Phoenix?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

WWE RAW 8 August

Beth out in a black jumpsuit with yellow and red flames. Eve out in green and silver AND with a freshly edited version of her theme song "She looks good".

They lock up. Arm bar on Beth, but one hand under Eve's chin stopped that. Eve rolled over Beth's back, then hit a lovely drop kick. Eve elevated over the top, then knocked off the apron. Beth slams Eve into the barrier, then drags Eve by the hair into the ring. Beth gets two in the center of the ring with very little noise from the fans. Beth picks up Eve by her hair and slams Eve back on the mat. Then does it a second time. Elbow to the gut and Beth pins for two. Eve badly reverses out of Beth's hands, finally kicks Beth in the head, then over sells her face hitting a corner. Eve off the corner with a kick to Beth's face.

Eve climbs and lines up her feet on the top rope. Beth up and swings a double axe handle that never touches Eve's leg, but she sells it. Beth pulls Eve off the top and hits a glam slam on Eve for three.

Winner - Beth

Beth grabs a mic and says she doesn't like her and Kelly making a mockery of the Divas Division. No more booty popping. No more splits. Not more stink faces. Beth stalks off out of the ring, still holding the mic. Beth says she'd been meaning to ask Eve one question - Kelly out and attacks Beth from behind. Kelly into the ring to check on Eve and hold her Title belt high. First time I haven't seen Kelly all smiles!

the highest waterfalls in the world

1 . Angel Falls, Venezuela

Height : 979 meter (3.2123 feet)
Located: Canaima National Park

2. Tugela Falls, South Africa

Height: 948 meter (3110 feets)
Located: Royal Natal National Park

3. Ramnefjellsfossen, Norway

Height: 818 meter (2685 feets)
Located: Lovatnet lake

4. Mongefossen, Norway

Height: 773 meter (2535 feets)
Located: South Rauma Railways

5. Gocta Cataracts, Peru

Height: 771 meter (2532 feets)
Located: Chachapoyas Amazon, Peru.

6. Mutarazi Falls, Zimbalwe

Height: 762 meter (2499 feet)
Located: Hinde Zimbalwe Valley

7. Yosemite Falls, USA

Height: 739 meter (2425 feet)
Located: Yosemite National Park